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Attack Power - Feral (+1125)
Attack Power 104
Increase Spell Dam 205
Increase Spell Dam 23
"A Little Field Work" - Completion Credit
"Adorable Ascended"
"Aid for the Forest" Conversation
"Aimed" Shot
"Always Room for Improvement" - On Arrival Conversation
"Borrowed Soulstone"
"Borrowed" Power
"Borrowing" Book
"Bravado" Cologne
"Build your Barracks" - Backup
"Cities in Dust" Quest Accept [DNT]
"Dapper Gentleman"
"Dark Ranger Round-up" Text Cooldown
"Dead of Night" Begin
"Defender of Azeroth": 01 Death Gate Master [DNT]
"Defender of Azeroth": Speak with Highlord Darion Mograine [DNT]
"Dread Pirate"
"Drink" Ancient Potion
"Elf Killer"
"Enchantress" Perfume
"Eyes Are On You" - On Arrival Conversation
"Eyes Are On You" Accept Conversation
"Fall In" Trigger
"Fall In" Trigger
"Flying Faerie"
"Forever" Perfume
"Future" Dreamer Conversation
"Gathering Intelligence" - Nazgrim Tracking Flagged
"Gathering Intelligence" - Riko Tracking Flagged
"Gathering Intelligence" - Zaela Tracking Flagged
"Ghost" Track Loot
"Go For Cover" Trigger
"Go For Cover" Trigger
"Go for the Heart" Abandoned
"Grovebound" Accepted
"Healthy" Chips
"Hidden" Flame Cannon
"Hidden" Flame Cannon
"Hidden" Flame Cannon
"Hidden" Flame Cannon
"Jade Dragon" Noodles
"Lapisagoz" OnAbandon
"Learn the Fate of the Horde" Credit
"Learn the Fate of the Horde" Credit
"Let the Hunt Begin" - Personal Phase Pre-Load
"Let the Hunt Begin" - Pre-quest Flavor Spawns
"Lil' Starlet" Costume
"Little Princess"
"Lone Wolf" Accepted
"Lucky" Flip
"Mad Alchemist" Costume
"Magic" Dust
"Meet with Vol'jin" Credit
"Merry Munchkin"
"Mole Machine, Go Home!"
"Mother's Orders" Complete
"Nature's Advance" Accepted
"Necessity is the MOTHER" On Abandon
"New" and "Improved" Infrared Heat Focals
"New" and "Improved" Infrared Heat Focals
"Non-Toxic" Lubricant
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" On Abandon
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" Wrap Up
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" Wrap Up
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" Wrap Up
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" Wrap Up, New Chamber
"One-Way Ticket to the Heart" Wrap Up, Old Chamber
"Origins" Dreamer Conversation
"Plucky" Resumes Chicken Form
"Plucky" Resumes Human Form
"Restless Dreamer" First Conversation
"Restless Dreamer" Second Conversation
"Rhinestone" Sunglasses
"Seeking the Truth" - spawn check
"Sir Pugsington"
"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System
"Skyterror" Personal Delivery System
"Smelly's Luckydo" Phase
"Spell Components" Complete
"Stack 'Em High" - Completion Trigger
"STALWART" Cologne
"The Dead of Night" Start
"The Dead of Night" Text Cooldown
"The Eldest" - Personal Phase Pre-Load
"The Felic"
"The Restless Dreamer" Abandoned
"The Restless Dreamer" Completed
"The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" Clean Up
"Third Wind"
"To Tirna Vaal" - On Arrival Conversation